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Finding a great home loan involves careful consideration of your needs, finances and history. We are here to guide you.

Universal Home Mortgage has been a top Shreveport mortgage lender since 2002.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Universal Home Mortgage offers highly competitive rates through our direct to consumer lending channel (no middle man). We do this with transparency, service, speed, and a human touch. To meet these requirements, we offer an engaging, concierge user experience. We started our business in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana in 2002. Universal Home Mortgage has experienced tremendous growth since then and quickly became a premier Shreveport mortgage lender.

We still maintain a local, client-focused business model.  Universal Home Mortgage provides an intuitive borrower portal that offers simple, transparent interaction, the ability to easily, safely, and securely upload and store documents with real-time status updates and the ability to engage with experienced lending professionals at any point in the process. We have been doing this in Shreveport, Bossier City, and surrounding areas since 2002. Choosing a mortgage lender is a major decision, and we take our jobs as lending professionals very seriously. Please consider us for an opportunity to earn your business.

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11Sep 20

FHA Single Unit Condo Approval

FHA condominiums that are "approved" by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) are eligible for an FHA Home Loan. The FHA provides an easy to use condo lookup tool that lists the FHA approved condos.…

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09Nov 18

VA Home Loans by the Numbers 

Some Highlights: The Veterans Administration (VA) Home Loan is a benefit that is available to more than 22 million veterans & 2 million active duty service members which helps them…

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07Nov 18

How You Can Improve Your Credit Score

There are many questions I receive from Louisiana residents about credit scoring so I'll attempt to inform you of how you can improve your credit score.  Your credit scores usually…

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